Justin Nozuka

Oh reverie
Take me up to the open mind
It's hard to be
With the weight on my mind
Silent pace
Help me see

On I stare
Take it on
And it had me gone
I'm in the air
Over hills

Heavier on the upside
I saw it climb
And watched it fall
When i'm here with you
Old tree's standing tall

I'm there
I'm leaving the times
From your well
From the wild
Saw it rise to the sky
And then it fell
I get caught
In the light of your spell
Let it roam
On I see

Mines and scars
Take me up to the open mind
It's hard to be
With the weight on my mind
I get stuck

Cut my hair
Had to lose and I didn't care
I couldn't bare
Lost some sleep
But all day dream

Heavier on the upside
We make the climb
And then we fall
Water be the root
And the cause of it all

Take me there
Out of the room and in the air
I'd seen the path
From birth and into ash
A wishing tree
High as the eye can see
Rising ever constantly
Walk alone
I feel the feather on my feet
All around
The falling earth was silent
I saw her run
And then I saw her take off
How much further could I carry on

I could get lost inside a song
When I am there
I'm not here at all


Justin Tokimitsu Nozuka (born September 29, 1988 in New York, USA) is a Canadian-American singer-songwriter of Japanese descent. Justin Nozuka was born in New York and grew up in Toronto, Raised by a single mother, Justin was the sixth of seven children where all four of his brothers are artists in some form. As a teen, he spun Motown, folk and hip-hop as he fleshed out his music skills learning guitar with his Mexican friends at boarding school. ... Read More