Girl .. I'm gonna love You
I love you tenderly
Cause you and I always be together
We'll make love like lover's do

Girl I really need you
I want you say you're mine
Don't you believe that I miss you
I love you and you'll be my valentine

I wanna be with you
Never let you go
I'll hold you forever
Just fill in me oh my girl


Kahitna is a music group formed in Bandung, Indonesia in 1986. With Yovie Widianto (keyboard) as the front man, they mix the music elements of jazz, pop, fusion, Latin and even ethnic in their songs. They started out as café bands, and they are popular for their original musical arrangements. Their songs are mostly about love stories, which made the band popular among the women.

Their first album "Cerita Cinta" released in 1994, followed by "Cantik" ... Read More