Kelly Price

Kelly Price feat/Shawn Smith

I need healing....

1 - I need a healing for my soul

So give me a healing for my soul

Repeat 1

I need healing

[Kelly] Hello?

[Shawn] Kelly?

Just for my soul

I need healing

Yeah, yeah

[Kelly] Hello

[Shawn] Kelly, please don't hang up

[Kelly] Look, I don't have time for this, alright?

[Shawn] Listen, I've heard everythign you said today

I don't understand what it is you need from me

Just, please....

Let me come by so we can talk?

[Kelly] Whatever

Just for my soul

Repeat 1 while:

[Kelly] I must be crazy

What was I thinkin'?

I should have just told him he couldn't come

I won't open the door when he gets here

That's all

I just won't open the door

He knows I'm here though

Oh God

I'm just so tired of this

[Kelly] Alright, alright, alright

[Shawn] Damn, I thought you wasn't gonna let me in, sweetheart

[Kelly] You almost thought right

How'd you get here so fast anyway?

What'd you do, fly?

[Shawn] Why you always gotta be so sarcastic towards me, sweetheart?

Listen, I didn't come here to argue

I didn't come here to fuss or fight

I came here to make things right

I want you to know that I understand what I did

And I wanna make things better between me and you

[Kelly] How you figure you can do that?

[Shawn] Well, I can start by saying that I love you

I mean, ah......

[Kelly] I've heard that before

[Shawn] I don't know what to say, um, this is....

I know I did so many things wrong, but..

[Kelly] I don't believe you

[Shawn] I, I love you, I really do

Can you take me back, please?

Take me back

I love you, I want you back

I miss what we had, me and you, I ...

I can't eat, I can't sleep

Baby, please, please

I'll die tryin', baby

I, I love you, please, ple


Kelly Price (born April 4th, 1973) is the Daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Price and Evangelist Claudia Price is the 2nd of three children born and raised in Queens, NY. Under the watchful eye of her mother and the pastorate of her grandparents Bishop Jerome and Evangelist Joni Norman Kelly was nurtured and developed spiritually by being taught the word of God and the importance of a sustained prayer life through the special prayer services her grandfather held weekly in addition to Sunday services and bible study. ... Read More