Kelly Price

featuring Lil' Cease

[Lil' Cease]

Yo yo yo

You wanna contemplate on Ceasileo the great

My motto fly states any where pick a date

Your man light weight holding like a cake

With him comes the drama he like scared straight

I wanna girl who really don't sweat no stars

I wanna girl who can drive and not crash my car

I wanna girl that understands that what's mine is ours

I need a girl who could help me with these 16 bars

Come on


Can't explain this feeling

I want you all the time

And soon I'll find a way

To make you mine

(Oh, gonna make you mine)

So baby, yeah

I wanna spend my life with you

So tell me, yeah, yeah

Can we share forever, baby

Oh, there'll never be another like you

So give me your love

1 - Your love is driving me crazy

Your love always on my mind

Your love is driving me crazy

Your love always on my mind

I can't explain this feeling

You are the one for me

Can't see another day without my baby, yeah

So baby, yeah

You can make my dreams come true so please

Say you'll stay forever, baby

Oh, cuz I just can't go on without you

So give me your love

Repeat 1

Baby I'll show you the way that

I feel about you

The things that you do to me

I'm longing for the way you touch

[Lil' Cease]

QB, Rockafella, yo yo yo

You wanna front on the fly romancer?

Leo ganzer the sickest thing since cancer

I get my girls after, eat 'em good

Treat 'em good then I"m ghost like Casper



Kelly Price (born April 4th, 1973) is the Daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Price and Evangelist Claudia Price is the 2nd of three children born and raised in Queens, NY. Under the watchful eye of her mother and the pastorate of her grandparents Bishop Jerome and Evangelist Joni Norman Kelly was nurtured and developed spiritually by being taught the word of God and the importance of a sustained prayer life through the special prayer services her grandfather held weekly in addition to Sunday services and bible study. ... Read More