khai dreams

Blue moon I rest
My head on your
Soft light that
Fades with the blue sky
I look to you
When I am down
I feel so small
In this blue world

Are you lonely in the space that you've made only for yourself
Do you wish sometimes that you could be somebody else
Are you worried for a future that you haven't got all planned out
Are you scared of facing those feelings that you've never felt

On a dark night cold night laying on the bedroom floor
Looking up to the ceiling wondering what I'm here for
Haven't slept in a while but the sun will come up soon
Looking in a mirror thinking one day I'll love you
One day I'll love you

Blue tears that fall
Down from my face
They fill my view
Like the blue sea
I drift alone
Through restless waves
To navigate
Through this blue world
This blue world

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