khai dreams

Far away far away never getting close
Guess it's best cause if you came back all you'd ever see was ghosts
Maybe I should of gone with you
Warning signs were always there
If I stayed here any longer I might lose my chance forever
Yeah I'm sinking in the quicksand of a place I once called home
That's growing everyday but I've never felt more alone
Well you went out on your own
I wonder if you feel the same
Loneliness is quite the company I hope that you're okay
I've been thinking 'bout the dreams I used to have as a kid
As an astronaut, an actor, or some crazy scientist
Where did that ambition go
I used to want to do the most
Now the only thing I want
To not be middle aged and broke
What a joke
But I can't bring myself to laugh
I haven't in awhile
You were always the best at that
Now the winter's coming fast
It always catches me off guard
Long nights, short days, cold winds, old scars
Between a rock and hard place
I'm learning the hard way
I haven't caught a break like a- on a hard day
I suck at my fortes
I'm lacking in practice
Some things I need to talk about that can't be said with rapping
And I'm never in the loop no more
No one tells me what's happening
I'm far away from medicine but still need my prescriptions
If it's free advice I'll listen probably heard it before
I guess it's not about the how but getting out of the door

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