khai dreams

You've been on my mind as of late
I think that I'm in love
But I don't know if my heart
Leading me astray

I just want to be close to you
In body and in mind
But you're so far away from me
We've got no time

Forgot I didn't have to try so hard
But we both know it's not as easy as it sounds
I never know when I should play my cards
It might be better just to fall and not find out

Sometimes I just want to be alone
But then I think of you
And I just feel so
Turned around with what to do

I'm reflecting on my yesterdays
And frankly I'm ashamed
I know I've grown so much since then
But somethings just don't change

Forgot there's no such things as how things are
It's all just cheer, sweet, found ourselves right here and now
I wanna know if I can beat the odds
Sometimes all you can do is jump and just find out

You think you got it
But there's more around the corner
You can't escape your heart
Your stupid thinking
Always saying that you cannot lose if you don't play

It's not a game
There's more to life
Than making sure everything will turn out fine
'Cause honestly it's worth pursuing
Even if you don't where it will lead

You know you can't escape it
You know there's risk worth taking
You know you gotta just find out

Your heart is always changing
There's more to life than breaking
All that you can do is just find out

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