khai dreams

Sometimes it's broken and it can't be fixed, that's okay
Cuz we'll turn it into something completely new, you know
I had a feeling it would go this way, but I know
You need the cracks to let the light shine through
Oh I thought, that I was being honest with myself
But I was always running from the truth
I thought I would take all the love that I could get
But I really only wanted you

I've been thinking, been thinking, been thinking to myself
What's the point in avoiding the pain that can't be helped
If you open up, open up, open yourself up to me
Maybe we can both be free, maybe we can both be free

I'm tossing turning in between two sheets,
I guess it's just another one of those nights
Go take a walk, enjoy the midnight air,
street lights like stars on a cloudy night
Sometimes it's best just to be alone,
take a minute to sort out my thoughts
But if you find yourself in need of
some company then I don't mind at all

There's this feeling I can't seem to shake in the back of my mind
But it starts at my heart and i find it looking in your eyes
I was running, was running, just trying to reach the end
But I tripped and instead I found a new place to begin

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