khai dreams

What you want me to say
That I'm caught in a daze
That I'm stuck in autopilot but ain't flying away
There's a lot i could say
Got a lot on my brain
What you want me to say
That I'm stuck in this place
That I'm only a human and that I've made some mistakes
I just think I'm afraid
And that's okay

That i feel all alone
That this house ain't a home
That I'm too damn stubborn not to do it alone
But can't do on my own
Think i just need to know
That it's alright
But I'll never make it through it if i don't try
Wait up, Say what, They don't-Think that i really got it
I don't either I'm just being Myself all the -
Way Up, Stay down, To earth
Don't let em get you out it
Don't let em get you out it
No, don't let em get you out it
Ain't no thing go and say it to me
I got shh nevermind, they gon hate on me
I may not be the greatest me
C'est la vie
But i ain't slowing down til Mercedes keys
Like skrr beep beep
Point A to B
You ain't phasing me
Where am i taking me
Guess I'll wait and see

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