I tried to reach you, I can't hide
How strong's the feeling when we dive
Across the ocean of my mind
My wounds are healing with the salt
All my senses intensify
Whenever you and I we dive
Across the ocean of my mind
But in the end I drown
You pushed me down down

All the shame
When you called my name
I felt pain
When you came


There are at least 6 artists going with the name of Kina: 1. Kina (producers), 2. Kina (punk band), 3.Kina Cosper, 4.Kina Grannis, 5.KINA (FIN), 6. KINA (Siberian singer).

1) Kina is a group of two producers that makes beats with an emo rap and cloud rap kind of feel.

2) Kina was an Italian punk band formed in December 1982. Their lyrics were inspired by anarcho-punk style and talked about society, life and other controversial themes. ... Read More