KLA Project

I feel something that never realized

In the middle of the night

When I looked back to my past life

Fully, great full memory

There was a little caught light

Shinning on my path clear all of my sight

So souldn't get any mistakes

Choosing right step which I had to take

I feel something that never realized

When looked around of me

Many happens need to be recognized

Show us to a sign

People sharing each other

Loving, caring and helping in every way

Fight everything's because of Him

I just want to pray

My everyone will do the same


KLa Project is an Indonesian Progressive Pop band from Indonesia, formed in 1988. All three (and one ex-) members are skilled composers, made their music become very rich, range from easy listening romantic pop, rock, jazz, disco, electronic, and sometimes combined with ethereal nuance. However, among their fans, KLa mostly quoted for their romantic pop hits, like Yogyakarta or Tak Bisa ke Lain Hati.

KLa Project adalah kelompok musik asal Indonesia yang dipelopori oleh Katon Bagaskara, Lilo (Romulo Radjadin), Adi Adrian, dan Ari Burhani. ... Read More