Kodak Black

Young Nigga I Got Old Cash Spazzing On They Ass
I Got Prada On My Whole Ass, Got My Last One Mad
Pop A Nigga Like A Damn Tag, Shopping On They Ass
I Just Brought A New old Jag, Yeah Its So Fast
Smoking Flockas You A Jack Ass, All I Smoke Is Gas
Dont You Ask Me Where The Port At, Where Yo Clothes At?
I Ain't Talking Bout My Niggas Them, But Yall Trippin Too Is It True
Damn My Nigga What The Hell Got Into You?
Project Baby Yall Was Skipping In The Hallway I Was Skipping School
On MY p's and q's On Them Jigga's Call Me JiggaBoo
Bleeding Concrete, Bet You Niggas Won't Come Across The Street
Pardon Me I Dont Talk To You So Dont You Talk To Me
I Ain't Dissing On Nobody B, Im Vibing On The Beat
Honestly, Im Just Trying To Be, I Just Gotta Be
Trying To Get Over On Anything, They Telling Lies To Me
I Spent 5 On My Pinky Ring, She Love My Diamond Ring
Anyway, Im Married To The Game She Said Her Vows To Me
I Ain't Getting On My Knee's Bae You Bow Down To Me
You Go Down For Me, You Lay Down And Do The Time For Me
Sorry Boo, Yeah I Lie To U But Dont You Lie To Me
Its Lil Kodak, The Finesse Kid Boy Who Hot As Me
Told The Doctor Im A Healthy Kid I Smoke Brocolli
I Will Run Around Yo Whole Board Like Monopoly
OH BOY, You's A Broke Boy Flockas Got Ya Beat
Chocolate, Call Me Reese's Can't Catch Me Without The Peace
Selavi, Im 10 Toes Down, You Falling Off Ya Feet
I Will Trick Yo Ass, Fool With ...
Call It Halloween, Yeah That Money Is What I Play For Call It Lottery
Goddam You's A Clown To Me, You's A Clown To Me
You Can't Smoke No Black&Mild With Me Get In The Car With Me
You A Funny Guy, Dont Even Joke Around With Me
How Could It Be? Different... You Grounded From Me
Im A Freeband Junkie, You A Junkie
Getting Skin Im Getting Chuncky, Getting Money
Want Some Food, Boy You Hungry, I Want Them Hunnids


Dieuson Octave, (born June 11, 1997), better known by his stage name Kodak Black, is an American rapper from Pompano Beach, Florida, United States. ... Read More