Sini bicara sana bicara
Mengusik kisah cinta kita
Ada yang benci ada yang suka
Mereka menilai cinta kita
Cinta ini hanya kita yang punya
Mimpi ini punya kita

Biar cintaku biar cintamu
satu..kita yang punya (selamanya)
cintaku putih...jangan kau ragu
suka duka itu pasti ada


Krisdayanti (born March 24, 1975 in Malang, Indonesia) is an Indonesian pop singer. Her music career started when she won an Asian music contest "Asia Bagus" grand final held in Singapore in 1992.

During her high-school days, she participated in many singing competitions and modelling pageants. In 1991, she became a finalist in Gadis Sampul, a cover girl contest. It was also during that period she met James Sundah and recorded two songs for him. With that, she began to receive many invitations to sing and model. ... Read More