yo hommie you know what?
some people claim that the local rapperz ain't makin' the grade
u know what I'm sayin'? (word)
hey, what's up y'all
is it true that we're not makin' the grade
or is it due to the fact that we're not black or white
?hey yo! yo! yo!
let me take it from here 'brother D'
cause I think they'll have a word or two from the 'brother mc'
when the speaker starts pumpin
and the people starts jumpin'
I ask myself why? why the house flyin' high
then I realize the dj's playin' na dope, dope track
oh! my god?the kru's makin a comeback!
whack, wickety whack
the rap maniac is back
though it ain't no black
I'm proud to yack is the malaysian rap
I like the bass and the kick drum go boom
the party's really getting wild cuz the new beat has got the style
I wanna boogie ina impromptu
though some claim to be the leader
but I ain't down with that I'm just an ordinary rapper
like an ordinary chap
some chose to criticize the rap mania is ostracised
the one's getting' hit is always locals
they demoralize well here's a big surprise to them
it'll be a sheer catastrophe
I'm makin my stand here and that's the way it's gonna be
kru is wild?kru is wild?kru is wild
kru is wild with the new rap style
kru is wild? kru is wild? kru is wild
kru is is wild with the new rap style
it's the wild thing kinda kickin the hip rappers I try to bind
I'm a radical thinker with a radical mind
trapped in confusion like a legalised crime
being hit by my partner and the enemy at the same time
so try to clarify the situation I am in
all the rappers all over the nation stick together
forever humpin'?
hey beatman! where's the beat?
yo dj! play the hit!
let's start the melodical freak? I'll pump the symboli-cal speed
yickatie? yickatie? yickatie? yack
ina wicketie? yicketie? wicketie?whack
vroom boom track? vroom boom track
ina whack? ina whack yack? yickatiekatie yack yack
to all the jealous people stand back
cuz rap's on track? let me beat play through
no time to attack so peace? let this disappear
I'm makin' my stand here? I ain't about to clear
makin' my makin' my makin' my stand
makin' my makin' my makin' my stand
the beat is like sensational creak
ain't no obselete as tough as brick
I know u wanna dig? just pump the music louder
stand up and get tougher what they say don't really matter
it'll just make us feel stronger?the originality inside of me
I wanna express my self free I wanna be a free speaker
in my own demotrical country
my music seeks freedom my quixotic will be with 'em
with my clean malaysian rap so try to accept
yep, I'm a hard malaysian rapper and I'm proud to admit it
some say I'm controversial it's up to you to believe it
cuz I believe in wat I say and I'll say what I believe in
cuz I'm makin my stand here? I ain't about to clear
hey you know what I'm sayin'
I'm makin' my stand here baby


KRU is a boyband from Malaysia comprises of multi-talented brothers - Norman, Yusry and Edry. Apart from being performers, songwriters and producers, they are also directors of their own company, KRU Berhad, with subsidiary companies like KRU Music Group, KRU Motion Pictures, KRU Advertising, KRU Marketing and KRU Events.

They are already a household name in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia with a track record of serving many established brands such as Pepsi ... Read More