When you lose your lane
'cause you got outplayed
Then you AFK
Please don't AFK

Oh you take too many baits
You might be 0-8
But you don't have to rage
Please don't AFK

So when your losing
Surrender I'm refusing
Just wait until were grouping
Give it time yea this games gonna be alright

But we all need you to stay
And we'll carry all your weight
Yea so c'mon let's just play
Just play it out, play it out

Maybe We can win this game
But we all need you to stay
Yea so c'mon let's just play
Play it out

I won't accept defeat
Even if you feed
You really shouldn't leave
We're stronger as a team

If you're getting owned
There's still a chance that they could throw
You really shouldn't go
Please just let it go


McKenzie attended Stoke Newington School and became interested in a musical career during his school years. He comes from a music family consisting of nine siblings. His brother, Mac.1, is a producer, and he introduced McKenzie to the art of creating music in his studio, at the age of 15. Labrinth started his big time career by producing for Master Shortie in his debut album A.D.H.D.. This gained a buzz within the industry and he was then signed to a publishing deal by Guy Moot at EMI Music Publishing. ... Read More