Lil Keke

Hello Chevy
Chevy? There you go
Really? Well, listen to you
You wanna go for a ride?
Well lets go then

Once upon a time in a land of 'Bama
I met a little girl with a bent antenna
I was on the skateboard cruisin' by (when I)
Seen her in the yard with a sale sign (in her)
Didn't have a dollar to take her to dinner
All I really wanted was a chance to get her
Went to my piggy bank shoebox then skated right back and put my (bid up)
(Look) I know you want 3 for her (But I got 25 hundred in cash)
Please nobody better deserves (To sit up on a box chevy like that)
Not a stall, not a pause, not a chirp when I turned the key, man, everything worked
And I think I gotta new girlfriend (Black on black white wall dessert)

My box chevy thats my girlfriend
She's always ready, always ready to run
Box Chevy, thats my baby
Body so clean
I'm leanin' back in my box
Chevy thats my girlfriend
She's always ready, always ready to run
Box Chevy, thats my baby
Body so clean
I'm leanin' back in my box

Hello little baby, you're lookin' like a 10 with that there wax on
Funny how I never thought about another love, like uhh (Cadillac on chrome)
Or a (another way to ride home)
At night I'm crazy, but little buddy you're such a lady (Gotta put rose pedals on your dashboard)
You never let me down, when we go to town
And you gotta beautiful sound, out the back of the pipes you breathe (Rum t-t-tum tum yessiree)
You never wanna get there in a hurry
You can run a corner with no swerving
I pull up and hop out of her lap quick with the AC blowin' out them snow flurries
(Cold in the woods, storms in the winter)
I just let her run under the hood
Let her get warm and then I enter
Can I re-introduce my buddy
Try not to let her get ugly
But if I gotta hit a ditch and dip this bitch
I'll leave a piggy muddy

This is is my box, this ain't no Maybach
Ballers say "Why Yeler?"
Yeler says "Why not?"
Do it for time watch
My whip is timeless my address says classic, address my box as your highness
Roll around the city with my girl
Come on everybody and meet my love
I know it wanna make you hurl, so I keep a brown paper bag in the glove [?]
My bitch is better, whatever, baby
They hate greatness greatly my lady
(They can't persuede me to put in suede seats take off my hubcaps, that just ain't me)
Here we go again you and I ride, off into the sun of an Alabama sky
Rum t-t tum tum, say bye bye!


Lil Keke (born Marcus Lakee Edwards, 1976) is a rapper from Houston, Texas who is an emcee and member of the Screwed Up Click. Lil' Keke proved himself to be one of the collective's strongest artists, strongly aligning himself with the city's underground rap don of the south. Not only by appearing on countless "Screwed" DJ mixes but also a seemingly endless number of other albums to come out of the South, he also became one of Houston's most visible rappers, releasing solo albums for Jam Down Entertainment. ... Read More