Lil Keke

S**t that I'm dealin' with as of lately make regular people crazy
Acceptin' their kind gestures, then later they want a favor
Lames in the dead lane so I was destined for greatness
Everybody runs games, just peep it, don't let em game ya
I give em what they expect, they all find a reason to hate you
Walked away from salty f**k n****s, and kept it gangsta
Wouldn't mention a name when I spoke about situations
Ex god to see the world, now I'm always on a vacation
Nobody sayn Gates, don't turn yo back on the hood
Turn yo back, they talk bad, they want you back in the hood
South Side, I saw a lot of progression, shout out to Vic
That otha guy drivin' the Audi, try sabotagin' Korea's
Picture perfect workin' on somethin' that ain't need to be fixed
Throwin' a lotta crosses in-between the top and the?
It's the same reason that me and my father haven't been talkin'
Loud mouth a rat when yo conversation recorded
N***a, don't ya know I got n****s that clear ya coma?
Everybody took they tail but nobody left when you call em
Freak for attention, I'd rather not bein' mentioned
Money stacked up, everyone I love outta prison
Marijuana bath and grapes of Betamethasone while I kick it
Panoramic roof and amg Benz, no tinted ones
But see south scrubs bitin' massages ended with facials
Tightest club out in Canada, bottle service at tables
Bwa the strongest name where I'm stationed
Pray the soldiers all return home safe from where they stationed
Long hair indigo eyes my Anastasia
Blind to the criminal mind, [?]
Took a hit or too but now drug dealin' my occupation
Walked out on the biggest label, bought a brick and I sold it in Houston
Vanda took the charge, freed our neck from the nooses
God put me in position, don't eva confuse it
Out the d**k of the Glock with the paper tags
Louis Vuitton, er luggage, I payed for that
With Mayweather out in Vegas where the lights are overrated
When you broke and money comin' 2 easy to be persuaded
N***a give me stale faces no matter how much I gave em
Knowin' if we switched positions, he wouldn't do an exchange
Wise men change and fools, they stay the same
Break all rules, follow yo heart
If eva you had to chose you wouldn't know where to start
Bad vibes and company fallin' back unreluctantly
F**k that, removing myself abruptly
The world too large to be letting somebody bump me
Make a scene bumpin' yo gum, watch how it open and go to dump
Weak n****s insecure and get loud when they feel uncomfy
Yeah, ah
See it when it's fake, I won't play the game that ya playn
Causin' a disturbance, he want somebody to save him
Sometime I get perturbant, I entertain when it's flagrant
Men at long point should know I'm somethin' amazin'
Said it to remind myself positivity equals growth
Knowledge provided, but only to those that need to know
Have a sleep disorder when thinkin' a lethal daughter
Could text and tell her I miss her
But f**k it, don't need to call her
Chick who I'm with be so uptight and s**t
Always in her feelins for all type of s**t
Sometime I feel like compromise, what have I become?
Thinkin' bout what would have happened back when we was havin' fun
Talkin' in the trap and [?] killa from my lungs
Everybody strapped, you got a gun I got a gun
[?] is everyday, place an order, here we come
Only thing I ever hated was bein' restricted wrong free
No restrictions, way of the world, dead lift
Got everything I ever wanted with no-one to share with
Dead lift
Got everything I ever wanted with no-one to share with


Lil Keke (born Marcus Lakee Edwards, 1976) is a rapper from Houston, Texas who is an emcee and member of the Screwed Up Click. Lil' Keke proved himself to be one of the collective's strongest artists, strongly aligning himself with the city's underground rap don of the south. Not only by appearing on countless "Screwed" DJ mixes but also a seemingly endless number of other albums to come out of the South, he also became one of Houston's most visible rappers, releasing solo albums for Jam Down Entertainment. ... Read More