Lloyd Banks

Intro - Eminem



Lloyd Banks!

Ha ha!

[Verse 1- Eminem]

It's like a throne that he dont even own

He wont sit down, give em a crown he just throws it around

It's like a joke he's like a king, but he dont rule a thing

He dont want the diamonds, want the gold dont want the jewelry

He dont want the fame dont want the loot he's in this for the sport

Runnin circles round his competition on the court

He appreciates your support but he aint beggin for it

And you cant love it you can hate it but you cant ignore it

You cant be that ignorant

but you can try to sell him short

But you cant fuck with his last joint or the one before it

And he was gonna raise hell like them country boys

And if I'm frontin then you better come confront me for it

[Chorus- Nate Dogg]

This is the story of a warrior and now you know It

True warriors go ahead make some noise

It aint healthy to be makin niggas paranoid

Hit your corner wit my weapon I dont need my boys

Im doin 120 in the fast lane

Kick back just relax let me do my thing

Dont give a fuck about you suckas gotta maintain

Money power and respect in this rap game

[Verse 2- Lloyd Banks]

He's straight out of a neighborhood where niggas hate

They see you go and eat your dinner off a bigger plate

thier stomachs ache while he's loungin at the big estate

And he hops in a 100 thousands with a niggas gate

House with just a bigger gate , houndin hims a big mistake

He wont surrender hell rather give up a rib to break

Cuz he remembers when they wouldnt lend a helpin hand

So he was sittin on green like a Celtic fan

Created a buzz

til where you gotta mention his name

When you discussin the illest playas that's in the game

And he's ridin with Em, 50 cent, Doc and them

G Unit records aint no motherfuckin stoppin them

[Chorus- Nate Dogg]

This is the story of a warrior and now you know It

True warriors go ahead make some noise

It aint health


Lloyd Banks (Born Christopher Charles Lloyd, on April 30, 1982) , is an American rapper and member of the rap group G-Unit. Raised in South Jamaica, Queens, he dropped out of high school in 1998. With G-Unit, he released two albums, Beg for Mercy in 2003 and T.O.S. (Terminate on Sight) in 2008. Banks released his first solo album The Hunger for More in 2004 with the top ten hit single "On Fire". He followed with Rotten Apple in 2006 and left Interscope Records 2009. ... Read More