ME AND YOU AND A DOG NAMED BOOLoboI remember to this dayThe bright red Georgia clayAnd how it stuck to the tiresAfter the summer rainWill power made that old car goA woman's mind told me that soOh how I wishWe were back on the road againMe and you and a dog named booTravelin' and livin' off the landMe and you and a dog named booHow I love being a free manI can still recallThe wheat fields of St. PaulAnd the morning we got caughtRobbing from an old henOld McDonald he made us workBut then he paid us for what it was worthAnother tank of gasAnd back on the road againI'll never forget the dayWe motored stately into big L.A.The lights of the city put settlin'Down in my brainThough it's only been a month or soThat old car's buggin' us to goWe've gotta get away and get back onThe road again


Lobo (born Roland Kent Lavoie, July 31, 1943), is an American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several Top 10 hits, including "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo," "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend." Lobo's songs have been characterized by their sweet melodies, sumptuous instrumentation and soulful lyrics. This has made him well known outside the Western world, including Africa, India and Southeast Asia. ... Read More