Just follow your recipe

I stay stirring pots so they hate me
Stay cooking hot cause they make me
I hope they get through it safely
Grow no trees for a hater 'cause my roots stay unshaded
Y'all think the key make you but my locks are amazing
Yellow road signs, seeing clearer lately
Double white lines, D Claritin lately
Yeah theres trouble on court side no balls when they play me dog
Try to take the ball and y'all finna' mistake it dog, aw, yeah

I go through substitutions y'all running out of replacements
Big O can't phase us 'cause attire will never save you
That technique make the game fun
Especially taking out neighbors
Like Ramen I pack the flavor
I savor my moments now
I don't focus on that later, yeah
You look too far ahead and see the ground when you wake up
Dreams of signing checks and them not bouncing like the bass drop

Promise it wont take long
Honestly I just stay strong
Feelings in my wave, up and down like a see saw
Got that girl I wanted and honestly it was sub-par
People just like dinner plates and take the cake from three stars

Separate that cake they make I do it with a pre nup
Make my salad Caesar
Make my palace freedom
I need me something healthy to help me pick within reason

We 8 but we gone feed on
(8 but we gone feed on)

Had my fun with drugs and all but man I can't endorse em
It's shady in that business capitalizing on misfortune
Ain't nothin in the recipe stating that y'all should force it
'Cause shoving that down our throats
Is quickly becoming boring
Your recipe is important don't act like the poorer sportsman

Change in the air, I can barely bare the smell of it
Something fishy embellishing
Failing missions a felony
Void the law especially
Women who send for me
Follow my recipe

Most gorgeous lil' ting I saw was, one that end in Tefera
Don't quote me on all of that I'm just sayin I picked my jaw up
They all take advantage of how large my older heart was
Bet they come and go like my hand was royal; all flush
Bet they want them clothes and the crown to match; all sus
Her man an average Joe, so I ask if Mary want some
Respecting all my hoes, they still toyin; R' Us
Y'all tell Gordon Ramsay he really gonn need to call us
I'm marinating songs from when I first switched into boxers
I know the plan gone prosper I'm just lookin at the clock cause
Man, how long till I get my honors?
It's whatever ill spit till my fuckin jaw hurt

I do it like theres ten of me
My tendencies with enemies are never seen in scheduling
But when it come to playin games I don't ever call a penalty
I just follow with my recipe
With my recipe
With my recipe, yeah

Just a dash of the greatness a cup of the haters
Knowledge and skills you toss in for tastebuds
Got to have patience
Image and message you never forget em
Timing and network can only make better
If you bake it together with eggs or whatever
You might get to see what the recipe set up

Yeah, My wrist sore
(Good Afternoon, Good Evening, And Good Night)


Lobo (born Roland Kent Lavoie, July 31, 1943), is an American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several Top 10 hits, including "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo," "I'd Love You to Want Me" and "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend." Lobo's songs have been characterized by their sweet melodies, sumptuous instrumentation and soulful lyrics. This has made him well known outside the Western world, including Africa, India and Southeast Asia. ... Read More