Maleek Berry

Wait wait wait
uh uh
Bounce bounce bounce bounce
Bounce bounce bounce
Berry pon dis
uh Bounce
They ma peak, but dem no see me
On the low"you know it, steady counting easy
Have got the wave now
Repping for my city
On my hustle now, I pray i see a milli
You know we on fire dem
The whole world we know on fire dem
Got level with the flow
Fans they already know
Have been moving on the low
Studio to the show
None of time thats d base
Am in and out if Lasgidi(Bad Boy)
Swerving in ma own lane
I think i am out with P.diddy
Pretty Flow with the hooks
I think am doing pretty good
I remeber they didnt wanna know
Now the stylish give me looks
All the models to the floor
Crashing week in New York
Say she wanna fuck Sailors
We can do sushi when am off tour(Yeah)
She from Cali, but she looks like G.G Adele
Who she go, She like Hennesy
Party gurl she is always on the scene
Her mind is dead, but she dressing clean(Yeah)
We up we know wan come down yeeah (uhhn uhhn)
We up we know wan come down yeeah (naah naah)
We up we know wan come down yeeah (uhhn uhhn)