happy end of my day
when i hang my head and hear my heart say
love is such a game you don't play
you never win anyway

the sun goes down comes the rain
when the water touch the edge of your pain
when the cold air reach your soul
you realize you're not home

and then one day you came
chase my darkness away
only know i find out what it is all about


heaven is not something you play
heaven is not, is not a promised land
heaven is not, is not where you stay
it's where i hold your hand


Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan (born 21 September 1977) is an Indonesian singer and actor.

Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan (Bandung, Jawa Barat, 21 September 1977), akrab dipanggil Marcell Siahaan atau Marcell, adalah seorang musisi, penyanyi dan aktor dari Indonesia. Dalam diri Marcell mengalir darah campuran Batak, Jawa dan Ambon. mengawali karir di band Puppen mengisi posisi drummer, kemudian keluar tahun 1998. Namanya mulai melejit sejak berduet dengan Shanty di lagu "Hanya Memuji". ... Read More