Maria Muldaur

All alone in the moonlight,

Feel the darkness closing in,

At the end of the silence,

Here I am.

In the stillness at midnight,

Here I stand calling your name,

I need someone to depend on,

Ease this pain.


Stand by me

Stand by me

Take me in your arms and hold me, tenderly.

In the still of the night,

You can be my candlelight,

You comfort me,

And warm this lonely heart of mine,

Oh, stand by me.

Driving through empty places,

Wandering through distant lands,

Lonely's the same in all faces,

Be my friend.

And when it seems dark skies are falling,

And storm clouds are gathering in,

You'll be the rainbow high above me,

At the end.

Repeat Chorus.

When I feel all alone,

Far away from my home,

I need somebody to lean on.

When it seems no one's there,

Who really cares,

I know I can count on you to be there.

Repeat Chorus.