Mary Wells

You say you love me, and I believe you do

You really really love me 'cause I love you


I don't wanna take a chance

I don't wanna take a chance

I don't wanna take a chance and come out

Oh, and come out, and come out

Only losin' in

I still remember the last love I had

Left me so blue and oh so sad

But I just wanna let you know...


I've had lonely days oh and lonely nights

That's something that I don't wanna go through, no no

Just give my heart some time

And I know I'll make up mind

When I give it up, I'm gonna give it up to you

You, you you you

One day, baby, when my heart is stronger

And I'll have this fear no longer

Maybe then I'll come running to you

But right now...



Mary Esther Wells (May 13, 1943 – July 26, 1992) was an American singer who defined the early sound of Motown Records in the early sixties. Along with The Miracles, The Temptations, The Supremes, and The Four Tops, Wells was said to have been part of the charge in black music onto radio stations and record shelves of mainstream America "bridging the color lines in music at the time."

With a string of hit singles mainly composed by Smokey Robinson including "Two Lovers" (1962) ... Read More