Cruise pon the dick
Love Me baby
Cruise pon the dick
I wanna cum

The very first time
You gimmi a one wine
A from that, you den pon the damn mind
Now mi cyaa get you pon the damn line
Yo mad mi

Can I fuck you once again?
Nah Lie Baby kinda perfect
Something to worship
Shi bring mi blessing come leave it pon mi
Hold mi tight shi squeeze it pon mi
Baby, nah lie, gyal I meck yo pussy tight suh
I meck it full a vibes
Mi nah lie, my girl mi like it

Mi waan you up in a mi room
Up in a womb
Turn off the light meck wi fuck under the moon
Pussy pretty like rose, it just done groom
Get the camera phone and put it pon zoom
Fuck mi once again, nuh bother ask
Lose yo pant's again, tek it off
Turn mi back way and slap mi pon the ass
Yo want a next round it a go cost

Cruise pon the dick
Make me wet baby
Cruise pon the dick
I wanna cum

Shi said I like the way you work it
Keep digging it
Shi said I like the way you work it
Keep digging it

She rude, and me rude
And she nude, and me nude
And shi run weh the pretty likkle dude
And the black ugly bwoy her new man

Silk stocking, red lipstick
High heels, no chains, no whips
Gangster gyal mi a the baddest in a this
Yo don know how mi like it

Shi want a jockey weh fi stand up in a saddle
Tek her all bout in a the house
A pon the whip and meck shi travel
Inna the rain, inna the yard, inna the gravel
You could a never ever slip you know mi have you

Suh mi fuck you once again
Nah lie, baby, cause you're perfect
You're perfect
That's right

You waan fuck as you see mi
But mi nah put you pon no shower curtain like Mimi
You gimmi a crazy fuck
Your finger nails scrape mi up
If yo pretty pussy hairy shave it up
I know you hear mi
Ah di tight pussy gyal a mi searching for

I wanna give you all of me
You're so hot, so sexy
Haven't made love since my man left me
Mavado give it to me
Thinking about you make me sweat
I can't wait to see you undress
Come inside baby be my guest
Once you come you can't left


''David Constantine Brooks''' (born November 30, 1981), better known by his stage name '''Mavado''', is a Jamaican musician, actor, DJ and music producer.

Brooks was raised in an area known as "Cuban", a micro ghetto within the heart of Kingston, Jamaica's Cassava Piece community. His grandmother gave him his first musical experience at a young age, bringing him to church to sing. He also cites the music of Bounty Killer as an early influence.

The boyhood idol became his mentor when at the age of 15 ... Read More