Still a count old money and mi nuh draw fi no new money yet
When you meck a dollar you fi spin hi
You fi turn it around and spin hi
Millions deh in a the billy
Now a one bag a teeth when you si mi

Fresh cash, fresh cash
Fresh cash, as mi Friday gone, mi Friday come back
Fresh cash, fresh cash
A we seh fresh cash
As mi Friday gone mi, Friday come back

Every hustler
When you meck the money you fi spend it
Try my luck every minute
Island luck you fi in it
Dem gyal a get fuck every minute
T.M.M mean too much money
Dem nuh waan ghetto youth meck so much money
Why the fuck mi fi watch dem?
Still have the Y paper pon mi cash dem
If you money dutty, better go wash dem
Money waan mi out and mi catch dem
Mi eye nuh red a blue light, suh mi match dem
Match dem
Mobay never stop spend


''David Constantine Brooks''' (born November 30, 1981), better known by his stage name '''Mavado''', is a Jamaican musician, actor, DJ and music producer.

Brooks was raised in an area known as "Cuban", a micro ghetto within the heart of Kingston, Jamaica's Cassava Piece community. His grandmother gave him his first musical experience at a young age, bringing him to church to sing. He also cites the music of Bounty Killer as an early influence.

The boyhood idol became his mentor when at the age of 15 ... Read More