Michelle Shocked

Remembering back when I was a kid, I'd slip down to the docks

To watch the old men carving wood, watch the sailors tying knots

But the thing I remember best was grey-haired old Patch-Eye

And the stories that he'd tell me 'bout his younger days

as we watched those ships go by hfill

He'd talk about his missing eye, he'd talk all about his wooden leg

But he never talked about the old tattoo on his right arm that said ''Meg''

He said he was captain of a pirate ship sailing seas both blue and green

Then he said that all pirate's got to have have a patch so as they

can look real mean

He'd made the bad guys walk the plank, the pretty ladies he would save

And then he'd take the treasure from the ship and then he'd sink it

to a watery grave

He'd talk about his missing eye, he'd talk about his wooden leg

But he'd never talk about the old tattoo of brown-haired,

blue-eyed Meg

He told me a story 'bout his wooden leg as he sat there spinning yarns

Once he lost it to a mamba snake, down in the Amazon

Another time it was way out west in a gunfight, or so he said

Oh but that's all right boy, man's got to legs, you know he could have

lost his head

He told me all about his missing eye, he told me all about his wooden leg

But he took the story to the grave about the tattoo

that said ''Meg''

He told me how he lost his eye and how he lost leg

But he never told me how he lost the love of brown-haired,

blue-eyed Meg


Michelle Shocked (born Dallas, Texas, February, 1962) is the stage name of Michelle Karen Johnston, an American singer-songwriter.

As a young feminist, she left Texas to travel, Kerouac-style, and was caught up in Reagan-era grassroots politics. Her musical career was ignited by a bootleg recording made around a Kerrville Folk Festival campfire on a Sony walkman. Released in England as ‘The Texas Campfire Tapes’ without Shocked’s authority, its success abroad enticed Mercury Records to offer the newcomer a recording contract. ... Read More