Michelle Shocked

What's to be done with a prodigal son?

Welcome him home with open arms

Throw a big party, invite your friends

Our boy's come back home

When a girl goes home with the oats he's sown

It's draw your shades and your shutters

She's bringing such shame to the family name

The return of the prodigal daughter

Singing, Oh Cotton-eyed Joe

Went to see the doctor and I almost died

When he told my mama, Lordy how she cried

Me and my daddy were never too close

But he was there when I needed him most

Look here comes a prodigal son

Fetch him a tall drink of water

But there's none in the cup because he drank it all up

Left for the prodigal daughter

Singing, Oh Cotton-eyed Joe

Had not've been for the Cotton-eyed Joe

I'd have been married a long time ago

Out in the cornfield I stubbed my toe

I called out for the doctor Cotton-eyed Joe


Michelle Shocked (born Dallas, Texas, February, 1962) is the stage name of Michelle Karen Johnston, an American singer-songwriter.

As a young feminist, she left Texas to travel, Kerouac-style, and was caught up in Reagan-era grassroots politics. Her musical career was ignited by a bootleg recording made around a Kerrville Folk Festival campfire on a Sony walkman. Released in England as ‘The Texas Campfire Tapes’ without Shocked’s authority, its success abroad enticed Mercury Records to offer the newcomer a recording contract. ... Read More