I can't lose
Ima pass through
If I have to
Teach em all like a classroom huh
If I want it then I get it
Work hard don't regret it
Yea I said it huh
Head down I'm focused
You know this
They noticed
Show this
Mind blowing
Keep going
I'm growing
And coasting
I'm owning

Work hard play hard
Let the party start
Can't lose when I'm giving out bars yuh
Can't Lose when I'm giving out art yuh
Getting views man is just the start

I will not f*ckin lose
Swear to god paid my dues
Never lost in the views
And im not quitting soon

Never stop what I do
Im the boss in the room
Selling stocks making moves
To the top coming soon

I can't lose this time
I can't lose this time

I ain't never slowing down
Getting paid now ima lay it down
I'ma say it loud say it proud

Never had a doubt
Every word out my mouth
Every verb that I shout
Ima act on it now

Get it out
I gotta get it out now
I ain't losing no ground
I ain't losing no round
Got no doubt
I'm a winner no doubt
So just hand me the crown
Or go down for the count

No discount
Cuz this sound
Will hit now
Hit loud
So this crowd
Can get down
This town's
My b*tch now
I'm rich now
Sit down
Listen up now
Ima switch sounds

I just wanna hit em with a little bit of rap
Trap, drop tops I cannot stop when I pop off
Like a sawed off flip flop it's a lost
Cause I get lost dog cuz im hot like a crop top

I can't lose this time
I can't lose this time