I am not one to give second chances
you only got one life take advantage
no I will not sit by i demand it
you cannot stop my drive I command it

I just wanna make it right
I always put up a fight
I will never lose my sight
I know I need you by my side

I have nothing else to hide
I've got it wrong and got it right
I've told the truth I've told some lies
I live some days then others die
If I want it then I'll get it somehow
want it then I'll get it no doubt
Cuz I will never let me down
No I will never let me down
i am never stopping now
I am never slowing down
I had a taste it's in my mouth
and now I wannna take that crown

I will fight for everything
I will fight to reach my dreams
I will die or I'll succeed
to me this life means everything

you want it then go capture it
need it then get after it
bleed because your passionate
cuz talents just the half of it

I'm sick of being average
I just want a better status
I don't sit back I attack it
and Ill work until I have it.