break it off break it off
I just wanna see you take it off
t swift that shit yea shake it off
are we gunna take a trip? takin off
aww yea
lay you down
I just wanna feel your body now
yo lifes too short I'm from out of town
so we better get to work yea workin out
I get blacked out too easy
ever since I was sixteen
wait ever since I was fifteen
ah shit maybe sometime in between
I just want to create some memories
before I die this century
fuck 9 to 5's they're the enemy
yo do u believe in destiny?

When the sun goes down tonight
There'll be one thing on my mind
oh when the sun goes down
and when I come around

oh yea
she likes a man
not a little boy gotta have a plan
yo he's not unemployed got a couple grand
and he always got a way of stayin in command

oh yea
and he likes a babe
trying something new and she not afraid
dressing up all cute and she looking great
and she know how I do almost every day

step 1 have a little fun
yea we're here to live not here to run
step 2 find someone cute
cuz we all deserve somebody new haha
step 3 make a memory
down a couple beers and drink heavily
step 4 no regrets
just enjoy whatever happens next