Yeah, let's go

I said what's up, what's up? y'all gon' step up, step up?
I'm the best as they come, call me blessed, I'm the one
Spitting raps like the sun, fire blast out my tongue
Staying forever young, if you play me you're done

Look out, I'm 'bout to make it, I ain't faking, woofers breaking
These fans have all been waiting patiently to see me take it
I think it's time to snake it, call me Drake, the charts I'm taking
And I make all of these statements 'cause my mind's never complacent, yeah

Lately I've been on some different shit
I'm makin' beats, filling seats, man, it's fucking lit
And I proceed with my degree in making fire hits
I think I got just what you need, girl, try a sip

She drank the Kool-Aid, I can see it on your lips
She wanna party with the best, yeah, grab a fifth
I'm tripping hard on this beat, man, my mind's lit
Back and forth from what I want and what I'm gonna get

I keep my head down, grind up, moving on
I keep my mind clear as I write every song
Nothing's off limits, no opinions, nothing's wrong
I free my mind every time, try keep it going

Let's go, let's go

A hundred songs in a hundred weeks, what the fuck?
Yo, how these dudes keep writing? do they cheat, or what? (Cheat or what?)
Nah, bitch, we just know how to get what we want
And we're good at what we do 'cause it's never enough

I ain't playing anymore, I'ma shut the door
Ignore all the fucking haters, turn 'em into corpses
I'm so sore from ripping on these vocal chords
They like swords, cut deep, as my words are born
I'm upset 'cause ain't nobody heard of us yet
A few mil' were the first, man, bet
And we never ever gonna forget, I fill my time with blood and sweat

Y'all make this shit worth it, y'all give a man purpose
Y'all make a man kill it when I'm performing these verses
It'd be a disservice if this music never surfaced
To the top of this circus, all this time would be worthless

Let's go, let's go

I'ma be first, bitch, all I do is work, bitch
Party hard, sure, bitch, then back to the verse, bitch
They gon' need a nurse, quick, put 'em in a hearse, shit
Using every word to get heard by this earth, bitch

I love playing this game
I ain't rapping for the fame
Nah, I rap to make a name
To be heard and make a change, yeah
To be heard and make a change
Yeah, I just wanna make a change