Nick Jonas

Mr Twimble


You've been with this company a long time haven't you?

A long long time Just last month I became a quarter of a century man

Aww that's beautiful! Gee a quarter of a century!

A quarter of a century!

And how long have you been in the mailroom?

25 years Yep! It takes a combination of skill diplomacy and bold caution

When I joined this firm
As a brash young man
Well I said to myself now brash young man
Don't get any ideas well I stuck to that
And haven't had one in years

Ah you play it safe

I play it the company way
Wherever the company puts me
There I'll stay

But what's your point of view?

I have no point of view!

Supposing the company thinks

I think so too!

Now what would you say if they put you-

I wouldn't say!

You're facing the company face

It smiles at executives
then goes back in place!

The company furniture

Oh it suits me fine!

The company letterhead

A Valentine!

Is there anything you're against?


When they want brilliant thinking
from employees

That is no concern of mine

Suppose a man of genius make suggestions

What's that genius get suggested to resign?

So you play it the company way?

Oh company policy is by me ok

You'll never rise up to the top

But there's one thing clear
Whoever the company fires
I will still be here!

Oh you certainly found a home

It's cozy

Your brain is a company brain

The company washed it
Now I can't complain

The company magazine

Know what style what punch

The company restaurant

Every day same lunch
Their hattock sandwich it's delicious

I must try it!

Early in the week

Do you have any hobbies?

I've a hobby I play gin with Mr Bratt

And do you play it nicely?

Play it nicely still he blitzes me on every game like that!


'Cause I play it the company way
Executive policy is by me ok

How can you get anywhere?

Junior have no fear
Whoever the company fires
I will still be here

You will still be here

Year after year after fiscal

Never take a risko year!


Nicholas Jerry "Nick" Jonas (born September 16, 1992) is an American singer-songwriter and actor best known as one of the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band he formed with his brothers Joe and Kevin. After 2010, Nick has focused primarily on his own career, releasing solo material, appearing in musicals, and acting in film and television.

A performer since the age of seven (the age at which he joined the Broadway cast of Annie Get Your Gun), Nicholas made his songwriting debut in 2002 ... Read More