Night Lovell

Bitch name Alyssa
still im gone with no swisha
shots are roamin the picture
I take the time get me richer
got the thot so intact
dark from ground to the cat
made a bill from the stack
this shit got a pill for the back
hit that bitch from the back
say you run with the pack
miss my face with that shit
you say that you bring the fuck back
saying im alway so cold
told the story to know
in the facts that i say
im livin' the north of the gold
im so ashamed dont run
dont you run
thinkin that you had the shit


Night Lovell, previously also known as KLNV, is a rapper from Ottawa, Canada and was born on May 29, 1997.

His name came from the middle name of his father, which is Lovell and the Night comes from him being kind of low-key or unnoticed with things.

Until now he released two albums named Concept Vague (Dec 30, 2014) and Red Teenage Melody (Jun 14, 2016). ... Read More