Night Lovell

Walk down slow in the light source
Tell my bitch I make a livin' on the race course
Fuck a nigga walking like he own the fucking court
I swing with force
See, I never sell you shit
I killed that shit and show it's lit
Bitch, I played the fucking day
You never thought it
Placing cash up on my table
Never fucking not
Breaking windows
Do my shit
I never really stop
Never shot
Never pull up on the back of shit
I know my fucking town (Yeah)
Running rage with no shit to know
Playing games with no place to go
Taking names, I got shit to show
Top down when your bitch low
Strolling 'round the wave
Taking sounds
I never fade
Laying bitches on the ground
And say some shit I never gave
Rock the shit I made from day one
Burn slow when shit fun
Come 'round
The last day
Break down
I don't play
Think 'bout shit
Ain't shit to get
Niggas play my fucking hit
Talking bitches
Won't you take my word?
I never wanna check
Shoot down niggas with the gold crown
Never know 'bout me
Down a bitch
I make no sound
Fake niggas say that they come with the pound
Run by me
Shot face down (Yeah)
Back again
I'm on the fucking map
No fucking gap
Waving to the place I always knew I'd never really set
Say the trees low
When the lights flow
Ask shit
I don't know
Stack, stack, my case though
Backpack the condo
Money always talk
Got no class
That bitch a thot
Running checks around the person that I thought would take a pot
Better stay
Fuck a cot
Fuck your story and your plot
Bitch, I'm always with the Stockton niggas claiming that they hot
Put my input in the big pot
Came back
My brain stop
Yo flat top
Slow down
Your damn pot
Watch with
The damn team
Thought shit
My thoughts mean
U.K., that bitch clean
Don't rush
That shit sick
Niggas talking say they fly
Bitch like, "Look back, that's the guy"
Never will you fucking try
Clever while I fucking die
Take a step and make a bet
Make a switch-up on the set
Thinking 'bout the niggas from my back
I never fucking met


Night Lovell, previously also known as KLNV, is a rapper from Ottawa, Canada and was born on May 29, 1997.

His name came from the middle name of his father, which is Lovell and the Night comes from him being kind of low-key or unnoticed with things.

Until now he released two albums named Concept Vague (Dec 30, 2014) and Red Teenage Melody (Jun 14, 2016). ... Read More