Night Lovell

Sky stay low and the night stay callin
30mil a week damn shit i stay ballin
Never take a break 20 bitches all told me
Look back to the time cash never stay pourin
Got my eyes low both eyes low
Walkin in snow bitch walkin for the show
Packin back is never fuckin with the snich
Changed up to the place on the edge of the cliffs

Das dat renegade
Dat nigga renegade
Takin up the stack on my back
Shit that nigga made


Night Lovell, previously also known as KLNV, is a rapper from Ottawa, Canada and was born on May 29, 1997.

His name came from the middle name of his father, which is Lovell and the Night comes from him being kind of low-key or unnoticed with things.

Until now he released two albums named Concept Vague (Dec 30, 2014) and Red Teenage Melody (Jun 14, 2016). ... Read More