Night Lovell

Bitch told me get the fuck back
Said she want to count a mil and come the fuck back
Said she want to take my brain and kindly cut that shit in half
Light brown bitch still she off the fucking map
Claiming that they want it
My bitch she really flawless
I'm still a fucking novice
Still I stay so fucking modest
Flame after flame after flame
This ain't no fucking game nigga what a fucking shame
I told you niggas that I kill like Rambo
Never want that shit
I got packed in the fucking Lambo dark as fuck
Buried in the forest
Doubt you'd even notice
My Asian bitch beside me as we watch the yearly solstice
Flying through the sky like Aladdin
Making all this cash like my nigga James Cameron
Pandora shit
Girl bring that back
Back that shit up on my lap
I see you lowkey making moves
I pop a fucking cap

Know you saw it
Know you saw it
I know you saw me put that thot up in my damn pocket
Know you saw it
Know you saw it
I know you want this shit but still I try to quickly lock it
Green head running through the trees of the valley
Cold as shit but still I'm walking through the fucking nelly
You never want to know what I got planned for today
You'll die when finding out the dumb shit I've got to say


Night Lovell, previously also known as KLNV, is a rapper from Ottawa, Canada and was born on May 29, 1997.

His name came from the middle name of his father, which is Lovell and the Night comes from him being kind of low-key or unnoticed with things.

Until now he released two albums named Concept Vague (Dec 30, 2014) and Red Teenage Melody (Jun 14, 2016). ... Read More