When the last eagle flies
over the last crumbling mountains
And the last lion roars
at the last dusty fountain
In the shawdow of the forest
though she may be old and worn
They will stare unbelivingy at the last unicorn
When the first breath of winter
through the flowers is icing
And you look to the north
and a pale moon is rising
And it seems like all is dying
and would leave the world to mourn
In the distance hear the laughter
of the last unicorn


Nightcore consists of Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm from Norway, Alta. Mixing techno/dance music into faster and more happier sounds, their name, 'Nightcore', means that they are the core of the night, so listeners will dance all night long.
They first started making music with Dance eJay 2/3 for a school project; they got a 4+ on our first single, and 6 on the whole album, called 'Energized'.
After this, they understood that they ... Read More