Nike Ardilla

When I Hear It In My Ears
Whispering So Sure And Grace
Someting Day I Left Behind
All You Said Is Our Mine
Even Know Is Sort Fine
All Alone Is Be You Behind

Yes, I Have To Decide
Coz I M Broke Devine
Of The Low That Is All Mine

For Away I M Broke My Nise
Deep Inside I Full Of Those
Asking You To Go Away
Let Be Here All Alone
Let Be Rain Is Before
I Will Love With You Once More
I Want In To In The Sky
Like Tomorrow Is Just Star
And The Future Will Be Mine

Dark I Night I M Sitting All Alone
Wondering Why Love Has Gone Oooooo
I Dont Belive Wish Hearing Will Our Know....
Kind The Night That Is True
Loving You Ever Know
You Will Fine Anymore...........


Raden Nike Ratnadilla or commonly known as Nike Ardilla (27 December 1975 - 19 March 1995) was a rock singer from Bandung, West Java Indonesia. She died as the result of a car accident in Bandung at the age of 19, while at the height of her popularity and her name remains famous in Indonesia. She was known as "Young Legend". Until now, Nike Ardilla is a musician, singer, movie star, and the most successful model in the history of show business industry in Indonesia. ... Read More