Seven months older
Air's getting cold, our bed's startin' to creak
God knows where you are
I'm here waiting for love through a screen

You show me the outfit you chose
For the dinner and tonight's show
Must be nice to be your clothes

Second to none even at your worst
Sometimes I wish you'd put me first
Nowadays you're such a blur

We keep dancing around the innocent truth that we're just...

Out of time (ooh)
Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh)
A curse in a graceful disguise

I love you too much to stay in love

How are you darling? How are you, really?
How was Taiwan? (you never say)
Thanks for the flowers, but you've been here hours
Yet your coat's still very much on

Tiptoein' around the bitter truth but we both know...

It's just time (ooh)
Must I die before you feel alive? (ooh)
A curse in a graceful disguise

Great was our love, it was one for the books
We gave it the best that we could
But I won't recite all my lines just to watch you and I... lie

I'm so proud I got to love you once


1) niki is a producer on Niconico and piapro notable for making high-quality rock songs using Lily. His 2nd song won in the anim.o.v.e "Lily Utawasetemita Contest".

2) Niki aka Kairit Tuhkanen is Estonian Pop singer. Her songs are taken from Russian Pop artist Zhanna Friske.
Kairit was born on the 15th of may 1980. She gathered more popularity in 2006 when she was chosen Estonia's second best channel "Kanal 2" weather reporter.

3) NIKI or Nicole ... Read More