My love
Why are you so blue
I watch the way you do
I see your trees take root
And now they're bearing fruit
And both of us are
So blue

My love
Why are you so blue
Who are
You trying to fool
My love


There are at least 7 artists under the name Nikita.
1. Ukrainian pop duo; Julia Kavtaradze and Dasha Astafyeva (spelled “NikitA”). Julia left and was replaced by Anastasiya Kumeiko and Yulia Brychkovska.
2. Experimental Jazz and electronic musician from the netlabel Dramacore.
3. Natashia Nikita is an Indonesian Christian singer, popular with her singles "Di Doa Ibuku Namaku Disebut" and “Seperti Yang Kau Ingini”.
4. Dundee guitar rock band active in the early 00s ... Read More