Say all you want
Girl you are an angel
Much better then you know girl
You see, you're all that I want
You had me at hello
Girl, I almost fainted
Too much for my young heart
And soul to bare to feel

I want to get away
Please say that you want to
The places we could go are all posh and green
I'll pay for the gas
We'll head for the hills
And it could be amazin'

Ooh, how I can taste it
The only thing I'm gaugin' is how you feel

Oooh, is there somethin' that you need to have?
If it's indispensable, something I can get arrested for
You got it, shorty say the word
Hell and bloody murder
Ain't no mountain high
And hurdles are unheard of, you're worth it
So teach me how to be all that you want


Noah McBeth (Born April 27, 1991 in Heidelberg, Germany), better known by his stage name NoMBe, is a German recording artist, composer and record producer based in Los Angeles.

NoMBe began the release of his debut album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me” in January 2017 with the release of his record "Wait", which was premiered worldwide on the popular Australian radio station triple J. The album is inspired by all the women who’ve helped shaped ... Read More