Kian silih berganti
Tak mengira sesiapa
Ku di sini
Yang mencari-cari
Waktu untuk bersama

Kian lama
Ku ternanti-nanti
Saat untuk bersama
Impian ternyata
Bertemu akhirnya

Ku rasa bahagian oh
Ku kini bersamamu
Yang kucinta

Masa kita
Bertemu semula
Masa kita
Untuk kita gembira
Ini masanya
Oh oh oh

Masa kita
Masa bahagia
Masa kita
Untuk bergurau senda
Inilah masa kita

Ku bahagia bersamamu
Moga kita bertemu semula
Oh oh oh oh
Na na na na
Masa kita


There are at least nine artists with the name "Nora."

1) A metalcore band formed in 1996 in New Jersey, they were first signed to Ferret Records but later moved to Trustkill Records. They have 3 albums and 1 EP released on Trustkill and two EPs on Ferret.

2) A female singer from Bulgaria, runner-up in the second season of Music Idol.

3) A female singer from Malaysia, whose profile is available here:

4) A Metal band in Turkey previously named as Pyracantha. ... Read More