Masa silih berganti dunia semakin laju
Fikiran lebih terbuka mengikut peredaran masa
Adakah kita perlu mengekorinya
Apa yang berlaku di pelusuk dunia
Keikhlasan diri yang harus waspada
Diserapi nilai jenama

Semakin hangat materialistik menggoda jiwa
Semakin hari materialistik mengaburi jiwa
Semakin gagah materialistik menggoda dunia

Lihat pada si dia apa yang dipakainya
Dari rambut hingga ke kaki semuanya harga lumayan
Si nafsu pun mula memaksa jiwa
Cepat cepat dapatkan ia segera
Nanti apa pula dikata orang
Kita kan orang yang berada

Tell me why you wanna aunt what ya wearing now
Got a reputation can't appear in a
Simple and affordable gearing huh
Playing with my mind got me branded up
Sporting tommy hilfigers
And baby on the really there be something wrong with us
Be acting real silly wasting all them good dollars
On apparels with the brand cause
That be the one and only reason why you wear them
Thinking about what other people think
And without a doubt
You go materialistik run your money out
So don't become a slave to fashion
This here i be saying ums with a passion what !


There are at least nine artists with the name "Nora."

1) A metalcore band formed in 1996 in New Jersey, they were first signed to Ferret Records but later moved to Trustkill Records. They have 3 albums and 1 EP released on Trustkill and two EPs on Ferret.

2) A female singer from Bulgaria, runner-up in the second season of Music Idol.

3) A female singer from Malaysia, whose profile is available here:

4) A Metal band in Turkey previously named as Pyracantha. ... Read More