[Oh oh Oh oh oh]
Tepuk tangan tanda setuju
[Oh oh Oh oh oh]

Gemuruh jantungku memuncak
Namun ku cuba sembunyikan
Bahang pesta makin terasa
Aku terbawa rentak irama

Kita nyanyikan lagu ini
Agar terhapuslah
Igauan semalam

[Oh oh Oh oh oh]
Tepuk tangan tanda setuju
[Oh oh Oh oh oh]
Angkat tangan dan hayunkan
[Oh oh Oh oh oh]
Ikut rentak hari ini
[Oh oh Oh oh oh]
Aku kan tetap bersamamu

Apa sebabnya rasa gusar
Apa sebabnya rasa sedih

Dan kita nyanyikan lagu ini
Agar lenyaplah kisah
Yang menghantui hidup


There are at least nine artists with the name "Nora."

1) A metalcore band formed in 1996 in New Jersey, they were first signed to Ferret Records but later moved to Trustkill Records. They have 3 albums and 1 EP released on Trustkill and two EPs on Ferret.

2) A female singer from Bulgaria, runner-up in the second season of Music Idol.

3) A female singer from Malaysia, whose profile is available here:

4) A Metal band in Turkey previously named as Pyracantha. ... Read More