Obie Trice


Woman #1: I know that ain't my homie over there

Obie: Keep sendin pages to the motherfucker

Woman w/ Obie: Well

Woman #1: Obie!

Woman w/ Obie: Is somebody calling you?

Obie: Nah, nah

Woman #1: Obie! One ball

Obie: All I'm sayin is I don't even know the situation .

Woman w/ Obie: You know her?

Obie: No, uh uh, I don't know that bitch

Woman #1: Obie don't act like you can't see me

Woman w/ Obie: Well she's calling your name

Woman #1: Turn around and look at me

Obie: Oh shit, Candice this is Sheneneh

Woman #1: Who is this bitch? (*smack*) (*crashing noises*)

Obie: What the fuck! Security! Security!

Woman #1: Let me go!

Security: Come on ma'am

Woman #1: Tanisha get my purse

Obie: Get her outta here

Woman #1: Get my purse!

Obie: Get her the fuck outta here!

Security: Yo, get to her man, need some help with this bitch

Obie: Get that bitch outta here man

Woman #1: Obie! Obie! You know I'm having your babies

Woman #1: They twins, one look just like you, let me go!

Woman #1: And one of them look like your brother, ok let me go!

[Verse 1]

My hoodrat's fatal, they not stable

I could be at a dinner table

with 'Union Gabrielle', fine as hell, pierce in the naval

Look at my rat like she act brand new

"Hey boo, how are you?"

Yeah, cool, now tally-o your ass back across the room

You see me with Pocahontas

I ain't tryin to be honorary but honestly I ain't tryin be bothered

You got a brain, define honors in college

You'd rather define how your knowledge in chronic

I'm tryin step my game up a notch bitch

Your aim the cock block on my plot bitch

She hot and your not, so stop bitch

Quit blowin up my motherfuckin spot, shit


How could you be here? Why don't you leave here

I ain't tryin to see you everytime at my show

I got a piece here, you ain't gotta speak there

You know how we get down on the low

Your playin me cheap he


Obie Trice III (born November 14, 1977) is an American rap artist and songwriter. He began rapping at the age of 11, and is most known for his time spent signed to Shady Records. He also has his own record label, Black Market Entertainment.

Obie Trice III was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by his mother, along with three brothers. He is of African American and German descent. Trice was given a karaoke machine by his mother when he was eleven and he used it to rhyme over instrumentals from artists such as N. ... Read More