Obie Trice

I didn't did my share of dirt
Flip my share of work
A nigga that lived and
Slit through terror turf
Did it big with clever workers
Who hit the crack
In the back bottled up in that gerber glass
For what its worth i aint told to have
Im just ramblin', yall dick handling
Tellin my past and you dont know me
Niggas the names obie
I'm about to expose these muthafuckers

[kon artist][chorus]
While I was down you had lots to say
You should mind ya business and walk away
Talking about me trying to find a way
To spread yo shit 'round town
I ain't really got time for you
And all that ignorant shit you do
Niggas need money and i do too
That's why i aint fucking with you

I wonder would he pass for passive
For massive ass kicks inflicted
It can happen that quick when spittin shit
Rapidly laying yo fag ass click
For running your lips like a bitch
All i know its something that gotta give
Niggas i gotta live, its not a perogative
Don't speak on the kid
Live your speach or ridge in the streets
Its so optional but i would be logical
Cause when i lodge at you
Its not a hospital operating
Poppin' them hot slugs out yo abdominal
Now yo momma got a funeral attendance
Just for mentioning obie trice the henchman
All i wanna do is make music and bitch, man
Get up the same way the same shit did jason
Give your hate up the AK's is spraying
Muthafucker's aint playin


Thats why i dont fuck with you cats
Cuz its all rap with yall
But this is not an act at all *not an act*
Run your trap get clapped and fall
Spread rumors recieve malignant tumors
Dont confuse music with us crews
Adhesive patches wont cover the bruise
Channel 2 anchors wont cover the news
They never give a fuck when its beef between crews
All i know is obie payed his dues made his moves
Bitch niggas hate the truth
They rather see me laid in the body booth
Deep six riding so the ask at you
Thats why i dont fuck with yall
Youre running your jaws and that really sucks for yall
Talk behind backs but never to a dog
Wouldnt that irritate your balls



Obie Trice III (born November 14, 1977) is an American rap artist and songwriter. He began rapping at the age of 11, and is most known for his time spent signed to Shady Records. He also has his own record label, Black Market Entertainment.

Obie Trice III was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan by his mother, along with three brothers. He is of African American and German descent. Trice was given a karaoke machine by his mother when he was eleven and he used it to rhyme over instrumentals from artists such as N. ... Read More