You in trouble
Baby, you in trouble
When you gonna get it
Open up your eyes
Come here, your gonna get it
Baby come in here,
lay right there
Gunna touch your body
You rolling and
shaking baby,
I like that
Telling me to go harder
with your legs in the air
Oh yeah,
right now girl its about you,
oh, You yeah,
I'm going down,
down baby on you,
Imma do it here,
Imma do it there
Imma do it like this,
Imma do it like that
Baby this is how its gonna go go go
When, when we make love
Imma go fast,
Imma go slow
Imma go so hard girl you gon' say 'oooh' Baby this is how its gonna go go go go When we make love
Baby I know your ready, ready
Because your about to get it
Like you in trouble
Your about to get it
Like you in trouble Imma give it to you like
oh my god
Tell me how you want it
Ima do it all
If you wanna release baby
Ill fight that there
Its gon feel so good
you gon pull your own hair
She in trouble,
had to slide right up under her
Had to be the only reason
I would punish her
Tried to avoid it,
had her girlfriends come with her
But they gon wait up in that
living room till I'm done with her
They gon sit tight
baby no interruptions
While I'm knocking down her walls
like they under construction
French on her nails
with her hair done beautifully
And what the fuck you thought them
boy shorts was gunna do to me?
Face like Megan little thicker than Hale Had me up all night as if my dick's into molly
i know that our endeavor was fun
"cause she stored me in her phone
as he can have it whenever he wants


Omari Ishmael Grandberry (born November 12, 1984 in Inglewood, California), better known as Omarion, is an American Grammy nominated R&B singer, actor and former lead singer of B2K. He released his debut solo album O in 2005, it went Platinum and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. In 2006 his second album, 21, also debuted at #1 and went Gold, selling over 900,000 copies worldwide. In 2007 he collaborated with rapper Bow Wow and they released an album together entitled Face Off. ... Read More