Parliament Syndicate

I wake up in the night and I know that

You're coming back keep me warm in your arms

But I wake up and I am all alone in the dark

Alone in the dark, dark

I see your face calling my name

Reaching out like you believe me

And again I am back to, back to bed (without/but with) you

And I realize that I can't live out this life

All alone just by myself

All alone without you but myself...

I give up all my dreams

Akll my hopes but you keep coming back

In the night when I sleep

You wake me up, and I reach

For your hand hold my hand

Come hold me again, again, again

Love me again call out my name

Day after day

Night after night

Looking out, will you ever come?

Then I looked and there you smiled at me

Well you and I are meant to be


Parliament Syndicate was an acid jazz band from Manila, Philippines.

This group underwent several name changes, among them Inikadua and Altered Sate until they settled with Parliament Syndicate. Their last released album is "A New Day". ... Read More