Patty Griffin

Falling down

I'm falling down

I need to sleep

come a long, long way

No time for weepin'

No time for weepin'

Quiet now, I'm falling down

I'm falling down

I have heard

A million tales

I have told

A million more

Some of them

Must have been true

But I don't know anymore

I'm falling down

So do your dance on my head

Every step's ( ? )

Sverything this stone surrounds' ( ? )

Falling, falling, falling, falling

Falling,falling down

I'm falling down


Patty Griffin (born Patricia Jean Griffin on March 16, 1964, in Old Town, Maine) is an American Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and musician. Known for her stripped-down songwriting style centered around the folk music genre, her songs have been covered by a host of musicians including Emmylou Harris, Ellis Paul, Rory Block, and the Dixie Chicks. In 2007, she was the recipient of the Americana Music Association's "Artist of the Year" award and her album, Children Running Through, won for "Best Album". ... Read More